Fash Fave / Fail Friday

FASH FAVE - Victoria Beckham

Gasp! Does Victoria ever look less than stunning? I'm utterly mesmerized by her entire being. From the permanent frown to the gush worthy heels, the super skinny mommy of 4 is always polished and fierce. Sure she'd look extra radiant with a smile, but either way, this NYC lunch ensemble is about as close to perfection as it gets. For those of you outside of planet Earth, the former Spice Girl recently traded in her Birkin for a beautiful baby girl and I'm totally and completely smitten. Isn't she presh? You just know their budding mother/daughter relationship is seriously going to piss off Suri Cruise. Could you imagine if Suri went all Tonya Harding on the youth of Hollywood. I'm calling it now... On a less violent note, can we please talk about how major this pencil skirt looks on V's tiny frame. The ensemble, which is of course one of Victoria's own designs, is clean, classic, and ultra chic. From her Louboutins to her perfectly picked sunnies she looks seriously uh-mazing, which is why I simply had to choose her as my Fash Fave of the week. What do your think of Victoria's striped ensemble? 

FASH FAIL - Elle Fanning

Elle, Elle, Elle. My first thought when I saw this outfit was "bless her heart." The poor girl was clearly running to the mailbox when a paparazzi snapped her photo... but sadly that wasn't the case. For some horrible reason, the adorable actress actually ventured past her drive way limits to join her grandma on a shopping spree at the super posh Neiman Marcus. Yup... NEIMAN MARCUS. I usually try not to involve the authorities but this is definitely a matter for the fashion police. Plaid is a huge trend this fall but sweetie, flannel is not, nor are high waters. I'm baffled at the choice in shoes and this whole strategically tucked tee is killing my life. I have so many questions as to how one actually leaves their home in this, but unfortunately Elle isn't on my speed dial so let the speculating begin... Clearly she had a slumber party with her grandma and was completely disheveled from a late night of chess and Golden Girls that she accidentally misplaced her Louis Vuitton sleep over bag and was forced to raid her grandpa's closet. This theory would definitely explain the awkward footwear although the logic is still lost on me. Unfortunately for all parties involved choosing Elle as my Fash Fail was a no brainer. What do you guys think? Totally driveway acceptable, right? Neiman's... not so much.

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