Fash Fail - Demi Lovato

Disney delinquent Demi Lovato stepped out for a shopping spree this week looking a little less than Rodeo chic. The ultra talented singer rocked frayed denim shorts which she paired with a Hanna Beth designed shirt that reads, "The Only Coke I Do Is Diet," and an oversized cardigan. Each piece could be super cute on its own, but this combo isn't working. She also accessorized her look with heels that look oddly like socks glued to a platform. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of this mismatched "laundry day" look and her round "Howard Stern" sunglasses certainly aren't helping her case. But perhaps the worst part of it all is her "witch like" pointy finger nails. It was these metallic claws that sealed the fash fail deal for Demi. I'm just confused. Do they not allow online shopping in rehab? There's no excuse for this. Unfortunately none of the elements in this ensemble coordinate and I'm slightly disappointed. After seeing Demi kill it in a super tight black bandage dress a few weeks ago at Perez Hilton's party I thought the Disney diva was back on the fashion train. Hopefully this is just a little blip on her usually perfect style radar. I'm beyond obsessed with Demi's music. Skyscraper was the song of the summer for me, I just wish I could get behind her fashion too. I hope her new apparel purchases will be more fashion forward than these thrifty pieces. What do you think of Demi's weekday get-up? 

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