Mad Hatter Engagement Party

My fiance Justin and I recently threw a Mad Hatter themed engagement party with thirty four of our closest friends from back home. Because we live in LA, my family lives in Alabama, and our friends live in Florida, we decided it would be easier on everyone else if we threw the party ourselves. Plus the real point of this party was to honor our friends and ask them to be in our wedding party. The night was beyond epic and surpassed all of our expectations. The goal was to have everyone show up in a super creative hat that would turn heads and no one disappointed. I literally spent two months dreaming and conceptualizing the ideal fascinator to wear and then built it in a quick 20 minutes. Let's just say I have spent more time at Michael's craft supply store then one should in their entire life time. When it came to the decorations, I made giant speech bubbles with quotes from the movie, as well as large colorful clocks, mushrooms, direction signs, and massively over sized tea cups to line the walls. Oh, did I mention we had a ball pit? Throughout high school and college my fiance and I threw a large number of extreme themed parties so we figured a ball pit was completely appropriate, plus it was our spin on the rabbit hole to Wonderland. Behind the ball pit we hung brightly colored paper plates which we hung with fishing line for some additional visual chaos. You may raise a brow at the door in the middle of the living room, but let me explain... at my 21st "Legally Blonde" birthday party somehow the bathroom door came off its hinges and sparked a picture taking frenzy. Since then, its been a fun and entertaining tradition. At the party I chose to wear a super bright strapless Rachel Roy dress that I paired with Alice in Wonderland inspired double platform Mary Jane pumps. As for the hat, I built my fascinator out of styrofoam and decorative purple foliage. I wanted to be super colorful to match the decorations so I added orange flowers for that extra pop. During the party we asked the bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in our wedding. Stop back by Fash Boulevard tomorrow to find out the creative approach we took to asking them and see pictures of the gifts we gave. Below are more pictures of our Mad Hatter madness. 

Something extra: Below are a few pictures of the decorations and the making of my fascinator. 

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