Lusting Over Fall Handbags

While most people are either die hard summer fans or crazy obsessed fans of fall, I tend to look most forward to those transitional months between each of the major seasons. You know, when it's time to ditch the summer clothes and splurge for new fall must-haves. Transitional months are basically the earth's way of telling you to update your wardrobe, which means a lot of time at the mall without feeling guilty, because after all, how can you argue with mother nature? Which brings me to my next point... whoever said change is bad, was clearly not a fashion lover. The first fall wardrobe update for me this year is... Handbags. My personal preference are large hobo bags and totes. The goal is to put my whole life in my purse so I always have it with me. And yes, I'm the crazy person in the parking lot diging for hours to find my car keys in my insanely deep Mary Poppin's-esk handbag. While I'm always crushing on large handbags you should also have a small collection of clutches for those evening outings as well. So in the spirit of fall, I have pulled some of my favorite designer handbags currently available at I'm loving the warmer shades and new trends that are popping up. Expect to see a lot of animal prints and fringe this season. You know bohemian queen herself, Vanessa Hudgens is anxiously waiting to pull out her massive collection of fringe handbags. And can you blame her? Click the pictures below to shop the look. 

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