Fash Fail - Katy Perry

This week my fash fail is "Teenage Dream" singer, Katy Perry, who recently stopped by an LA gas station looking more like a teenage nightmare. I'm so baffled by this dress... if its even a dress. I say that because I'm not entirely convinced she didn't swipe a pillow case from her fortune tellers house and get crafty with it. Look, I get it. It's her day off and this was probably her only outing, but jeans and an old tee shirt would have been a million times better than this Woodstock groupie looking night gown with fringe. The entire get-up makes me think of ugly table cloths and hippie hand me downs, but at the same time kind of makes me want to watch "Now and Then," which I guess is a positive. I do however appreciate Katy adding colorful accessories in an attempt to accentuate this horrendous dress and her bold hair color. Hopefully the talented singer will be much more polished and glamorized by Sunday night for the VMA's where she'll be preforming a tribute to Britney Spears with a group of other A-list singers. Sorry Katy. I love your music and infectious personality, but this was a major fail. What do you think of Katy's gas station fash?


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