One Night In Vegas

There are plenty of amazing reasons to be obsessed with living in LA, but spontaneous trips to Vegas are definitely at the top of the list. Around 6pm my Fiance and I decided to basically kidnap our best friend Megan, who's sadly leaving LA in a week and moving back to Florida. With her departure seriously leaving us with permanent frowns, we decided to capitalize and make sure she left La La land with a bang. After a super fun and hilarious ride, we made it to Vegas around 11:30pm. First stop... the strips newest addition, Aria. You have to visit it! It's beyond stunning. The decor, the lounges, the food, all faint worthy. Later we ended up at New York New York where I won $75 dollars off of $2 dollars. If you were anywhere in the hotel, you probably would have thought I won a million by the way I was screaming and hyperventilating. After some crazy adventures, we finally hit the road around 4am and were comfy in our beds by 8. The result ended with slight sleep deprivation, but it was totally worth it.  Below are just a few pictures from our epic trip to the strip!! xoxo

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