Go-To Fash - Kim Kardashian

When it comes to go-to fash, there's one man Kim Kadashian can't seem to leave the house without. Kris Humphries may have put a ring on it, but Christian Louboutin stole this reality stars heart a long long time ago. Every fashion lover dreams of slipping their feet into a pair of these red bottomed attention getters. Kim rocks her Louboutin's everywhere around Hollywood from the red carpet to the airport. By far her favorite pair of Louboutin's are the "Boulima." (Pictured Left) The Boulima is a steel toed pump with an ankle strap and Kim rocks them in tan and white all the time. Rumors are swirling that designer Vera Wang will be designing Kim's wedding dress but I think it's safe to say she'll also be wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Below are pictures of Kim rocking her go-to fash all around town.




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