Fash Fail - Heather Morris


Heather Morris recently stepped out with her Glee co-stars in London at Mahiki nightclub looking very... denim. My first thought was that it simply had to be a costume for an 80's inspired episode of Glee. But unfortunately there were no camera crew or lighting guys in sight. Sure, it wouldn't be worst dressed at Cali's favorite music festival, Coachella, but a night out in London deserves something with a little more effort, which is why I had to choose Heather as my fash fail this week. I'm not understanding her acid wash denim romper or the beanie or the black leather ankle booties. The whole look deserves a major question mark. You'd think she'd get the picture when all of the other stars from Glee that were there that night, refused to pose beside this mismatched fashion situation. Next time you hit the club Heather, opt for a simple dress with neutral shoes. And beanies are best left for winter. Just rock a sleek ponytail if you're having a bad hair day instead. Below are more pictures of Heather's ensemble. What do you think of her club wear?

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  1. Love her outfit!


  2. i think that it's too casual..not a big fan of it..

  3. More something to Wear with shopping or to the beach !!

  4. the words acid wash, denim, and romper should never be combined!! haha

    London deserves something a little more classy than this


  5. total nightmare. Alone, maybe. But this is nasty city.

  6. This is really awful. Great choice.


  7. She is my favorite from Glee!! She dance great and acts really good too. I think she doesn´t get too much attention comparing to the other girls and I don´t know why??? www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with denim. Every time I see someone in an entire denim get up I wince, it really has to be done correctly without it looking hill billy-ish. I don't really like this romper on her (especially acid washed), I would've went with a more dark denim if she insisted on wearing it and like you said neutral shoes (preferably a sandal)would have been less shocking, and maybe a sleek (skinny) belt to break the look up a bit but the entire look is just wrong wrong wrong

  9. I don't totally hate her outfit...I just think it's a bit casual for going out to a club in the evening, especially somewhere like London. But kudos to any girl who looks rockin in a romper because they are not the easiest to pull off!


  10. I'm pretty sure the flag teeshirt in my new blog banner is a fashion fail...but sometimes you have to do it for the kids! :)

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