Bringing Trash to Fash

This month Lindsay Lohan has the honor of gracing the cover of Blank Magazine. It's great to see that the Mean Girl's actress was able to take time out of her busy jail bailing life to do a photo shoot.  I must admit, this is an amazing shoot... There's something about the trashy meets fashion that is very intriguing. Not calling Lindsey trashy, but the vibe of shoot screams it.  Lindsey looks simply stunning. But then again, everything's an illusion in Hollywood. Just look at the cover. Do you really think she's consuming that hamburger?  One thing is for sure, with the lack of movie roles, Lindsay's acting more like an up and coming Kate Moss these days.  Some of the biggest designers in the world have featured Kate Moss as the face of their brand. There is clearly a market for this look. Below are more pictures of Lindsay's Blank spread. Are you loving these pictures?


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