ASOS Earring Obsession


It's week two of my visit home to plan the wedding essentials and I'm starting to realize my giant stash of "bring home" accessories wasn't quite enough. I'm already bored with everything and I've still got another week to go. Feeling stranded and restricted I decided to pull some of my favorite earrings that will be a perfect addition to any graphic print dress or maxi skirt. I absolutely love the amazing jewelry selection available online at Summer is almost here, which means when I return to LA it's time for me to stock up on colorful earrings and summer inspired designs. I always try to increase my collection at the beginning of every season to assure continual inspiration every time I open my jewelry box. Then again, I'll use anything as an excuse to shop for more accessories. Click the picture to get the earrings. Which pair is your favorite?




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  1. Great earrings! Loving your blog, I've followed you via Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect!

    xoxo, VLM.

  2. I love these earring! The pink feather ones are my favorites.
    Love your blog! <3


  3. pretty earrings! Especially loving the first two :)

  4. Love this post !

  5. The last pair was made for me. ^^


  6. Great post, an gorgeous pictures, love the last pic that coral colour, lovely for Spring!
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. wonderful earrings! xoxo

  8. amazing earrings,
    wish i had them all!

    New outfit post, maybe you can take a look?

  9. The first two are amazing. I love coral right now.

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  11. just clicked SUBMIT and bought a dress at ASOS today!

  12. Love them all ! My favorites are the feathers and the giant coral pair.


  13. They are all so pretty!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  14. Those red stoned earrings at the bottom are gorgeous... Honestly, my wallet hates me.
    Thanks for checking out !

  15. ooo la la. I love them each.

  16. great earrings and wonderful colors.