Animal Loving Celebrities

Who could forget the days when Paris and Nicole made puppies the hottest accessory to hit the hills since over sized sunnies. These days it seems the adorable pooches have become more of a companion than an accessory and rightfully so. I too have a little man who goes by the name of Maddox Dior. He came into my life during my freshman year of college. We survived school and a move across the country together. I even potty trained him to jump into the bath tub if he needs to go to the bathroom when I'm not home. He's a genius if you ask me, but I'm totally biased. He is seriously the love of my life and we are completely inseparable. It seems Ashley Tisdale and her dog Maui have the same bond. Ashley has been seen flying back and fourth to Canada for Hellcats tapings with Maui in her arms. I always see celebrities out and about in Hollywood with their furry friends and thought I would share some of my favorites. Which celebrity do you think has the cutest puppy? And more importantly, do you have a little love in your life?


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