Shopping in Jamaica

If you know me, you know there's just simply no way I could depart from my breathtaking Jamaican vacation without seeing what the island had to offer in the accessories department. Everything was incredibly unique and oozed island love. It's utterly impossible to not be mesmerized with the eclectic mix of jewelry they have to offer. The colorful thread, shells and stones used in each stunning piece are simply inspired, culturally beautiful, and perfectly depict the spirit and creativity of the Jamaican people. The majority of the necklaces were made of different rows of beads with pendants made of wood, shell, coco or a mix of those with resin. The pieces are not only creative and long lasting, but most importantly, environmentally-friendly. They are predominantly made from natural resources obtained on the island. Who wants a souvenir from the gift shop when you can have handmade island jewelry?

I thought the jewelry was my main obsession of the trip until I came across these incredible handmade, artistic bags. The handbags were covered in wooden squares, circles and beads. You can tell the hard labor that went into constructing and painting these pieces of art. The bags retail for $100-$300 dollars which I think is well worth it since the ultra fabulous piece would instantly be a stand out in your collection. Below are more pictures from my island shopping adventure. Which pieces are you loving?

I can't forget to mention the man pictured above. Everyday he would come to our chairs on the beach where we were all laying out and sing us songs. It was beyond beautiful and the perfect Jamaican experience! 


Something Extra: On our flight home my sister and I got very bored. We decided to do each others hair in the craziest way possible. Then of course we walked the "runway" back to the bathroom to show off our creations to the entire plane. :) We also took professional pictures on the beach our last day... thought I would share one of the outtakes with you. xoxo