Jamaican Adventures Part 3

Currently my perfectly sun kissed fiance (if you haven't read our engagement story yet, you must. I'm the luckiest) and I are 35,000 feet in the air on our flight back to LA and I've decided to use my last bit of battery life to recap my final two days in paradise. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go jet skiing through the Caribbean sea. I was excited at the chance to soar through the waves but no where near as excited as my fiancée and family were. While Justin paired up with my little brother, my sister and I decided to attempt the ride together. As embarrassing as it may seem, I'm not ashamed to admit that I wasn't even out of the shallow water before I almost flipped the jet ski. Twelve minutes later I was ready to turn around. So I handed over the jet ski to my father and decided to take in some rays.

After Justin sped through the ocean like a madman with my sister and brother screaming for their lives, we decided to all embark on our third snorkeling trip of the vaca. By this point we had priority seating and were besties with the Jamaican boat drivers. This time we went to the Sandy Bay reef which was unbelievably beautiful and filled with surprises. Somewhere between spotting a massive jelly fish and multiple starfish, I heard my sister yelling for me and of course I instantly started hearing the Jaws theme song and assumed the worse. Never in a million years would I have expected her discovery to be so... um... revealing. To her shock, while searching underwater, she noticed a pair of naked snorkelers. After checking for myself I realized that our trip to the reef just happened to coincide with the nudist resorts trip as well. It was as if they were mermaids frolicking through the sea in all of their glory. You didn't wanna stare but you couldn't turn away. 

With the naked mermaids and near death experiences behind me, we ended the day with a beyond incredible Japanese dinner. Afterwards my sister came back to our room where we decided to have a full on jump fest that consisted of leaping for our lives from one bed to the other while Justin snapped away desperately trying not to pee in his pants from laughter. The event turned into an hour long work out of laughing and jumping. Below are some pictures of my final days on the island. xoxo