Go-To Fash - Brittany Snow

It's no secret that I'm beyond in love with the ultra talented and beyond sweet Brittany Snow. The best friend to bohemian bombshell, Vanessa Hudgens, has always been on my style radar. Brittany Snow has a very clean and simple style that always gives her an effortless and classic look. When it comes to a night out, you can expect Brittany to be donning one of her many strapless dresses. The fabulous actress seems to own one in pretty much every color and fabric. The silhouette is fun and young and flawless on her figure. In honor of Brittany's go-to fash, I've pulled together some of her best strapless looks from the past. Which is your favorite?



Something Extra: Loving Brittany Snow's go-to fash? I've pulled some of my favorite strapless dresses available online at Victoria's Secret. Click the picture to get the look.