Fabulous Friday: Royal Wedding

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure you are all glued to your televisions and computers trying to catch the first glimpse of Kate Middleton on her road to becoming the Princess. Amongst all of the royal excitement I thought it would only be proper for me to pick out what I would wear to the royal wedding… in the event I was invited. I racked my brain of my favorite dresses from the runway and pulled together some options. I’m obsessing over Lanvin, Christian Siriano, Marchesa and Isaac Mizrahi. Below are some of my fabulous picks of what I would wear to the royal wedding. Like the majority of the world I love following Kate’s style and as far as I'm concerned it's not Kate who is marrying into royalty, it's royalty that's marrying into fashion. Can’t wait to see what gown or, fingers crossed, gowns she wears! I know they are going to be beyond fabulous. Which would you wear if you were invited to the royal wedding?


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  1. Wow...these dresses are amazing!! Looove them!!!
    Xoxo, K.

  2. these dresses are amazing, this is so exiting! xx

  3. love all the dresses so gorgeous my favorite is the fifth one so romantic and elegant love the long length and the feminine color!


  4. I'm excited to see what Kate wears! And Victoria Beckham too!!
    And looking forward to seeing Harry - the cuter Prince ha ;)

    Emma xx


  5. Lanvin is to die for....but we must agree McQueen was an amaze choice right?!!?

    Your blog is great!

  6. ive been waiting for the royal wedding from so many days!! and thanks for commenting on my blog you'll be happy to find out that im your old follower :)

  7. Gorgeous dresses; I can't pick a favorite!

  8. wow amazing dresses!

    following your blog =)



  9. Gorgeous dresses! I'm going to a Royal Wedding party today! Hat or tiara required. Cannot wait!

  10. I'm speechless! Love all of them!
    I totally love your blog!I follow!

    Come and help me chose the right dress! http://melodyofbeauty.blogspot.com/

  11. Oh my! I adore the pale orange(last one) & the first one as well. Actually these are all quite amazing. -xo

  12. Great idea to post this rather than more of the same royal post. I love the second dress.

  13. These dresses are quite amazing, even though I can't picture anyone realistically wearing one of them on their wedding day. Haha. Oh, and Kate Middleton looked so gorgeous on her wedding day! Her dress was stunning.