Fabulous Friday - I'm Engaged

Last night, which I thought was going to be just another night of dining out, turned into being the most amazing night of my entire life. My extremely incredible and ultra creative boyfriend of almost 9 years whisked me away, blindfolded and in heels, to a Hollywood studio where he proceeded to ask the question I've been waiting years to hear. 

We were headed out for dinner, when he suddenly asked me to slide on a blindfold. As a former addict of Nancy Grace, you can imagine where my mind was going. Twenty minutes later, the car stopped. Along with my heart. As Justin led the way, all I could hear was my heels echoing. I had no idea where on earth we were, but I could tell the space was large and empty. He asked me to count backwards from 10 out loud before taking off my blindfold. By 8, I couldn't stop shaking with excitement. By 6, the tears were falling, and by 4, I was practically jumping. When I took off the blindfold, I discovered a giant video projected on the white wall of a large studio soundstage. As the footage rolled, the memories of the past nine years played. Video footage of us from 9th grade, proclaiming how we'd move to LA and chase our dreams someday, all the way down to us moving across the country after college. When the last image faded away, the text appeared... "I've waited 9 years... To ask you one question... Turn around.” And there he was, with tears in his eyes. As a collage of 50 or so photos of us filled the wall, he got down on one knee and of course... I SAID YES!

Afterwards, we called my family back in Alabama who Justin had told to wait by the phone for the big news. It couldn't have been more beautiful. I can't wait for all the wedding planning. Stay tuned. xo.

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