#13 L'Wren Scott

The amazing stylist and designer L’Wren Scott comes in at number 13 on the top 25 stylsit to the stars list put out by the Hollywood Reporter. I’m not quite sure what exactly L’Wren Scott is most known for. It could solely be the fact that she is an incredibly talented stylist/costume designer or because she's the girlfriend to legendary rocker, Mick Jagger. Then again, her fame could simply be attributed to the fact that she comes in at a whooping 6ft 3in. Never the less, the super tall and ultra fabulous L’Wren is someone you should be following. The style expert was born in Utah and adopted at birth by an extremely religious Mormon family. Growing up, L’Wren tried her hand at modeling, but was deemed too tall to be a runway model. She did however do a long list of leg modeling before moving to Los Angeles in the 90's to follow her love for fashion. L'Wren has worked with some of Hollywood's most fashionable ladies. Her client list includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz, Kyra Sedgwick, and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. The stylist also worked as the fashion consultant on George Clooney's "Ocean’s Thirteen" where she had the opportunity to dress some of Hollywoods most dapper gents.

When asked about boyfriend Mick Jagger, L’Wren shared, “Mick loves what I wear, and always has something to say about it! Look at the way he dresses! I don't think there's a more fashion-conscious man in the world.” L’wren also designs and styles a lot of Micks looks and amazingly over the top blazers. With her boyfriends support, the design maven launched her first collection in 2006 called “little black dress.” The successful line was composed entirely of black pieces. L'Wren followed up the collection with “under my skin” which was made up of skin tones and neutral colored pieces. These creative concepts caught the attention of fashion lovers around the world and soon some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood were obsessing over her designs.

When it comes to designing and styling, L'Wren's main focus is silhouette. She loves to show off the curves of a body and you can see that in each client she has styled and in all of her designs.

WWD called L’Wren’s designs “Fearlessly Chic.” And I couldn't agree more. L'Wren's collections are beyond creative and her styling work is unmatched. Below are some of my favorite editorial credits, features and client credits for L’Wren Scott. Are you loving her style?







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