Braid Love

Spring is on the horizon which means new fashions, open toed shoes and fun hair styles are about to hit the streets.

Wanna add a twist to your day to day hair... A braid is a quick and simple way to incorporate a little fun into your look. You can accomplish this by braiding a small section of hair and pinning it back on one side with bobby pins. This simple style is one I sport almost every week. As you know, it can be quite annoying to have your hair falling in your face throughout the day. This is an easy fix that will allow you to avoid the dreaded pony tail.

Another quick fix to your hair woes is braiding both sides of your hair and wrapping the braids into a low bun, a style that Nicole Richie is absolutely obsessed with. These days Mrs. Madden is busy chasing after two kiddies in her six inch heels, so it's only practical that she find a fashionable way to pull back her hair. Messy side braids are also a new trend. You too can have this look by loosely braiding your hair to one side.

Below are some of my favorite celebrities rocking braids. So ladies, when you're rushing out the door tomorrow morning, take an extra second to incorporate a braid!