#20 Nicole Chavez

Nicole Chavez is a prime example of the Hollywood dream. She's already had an incredible career in such a small amount of time and her story may be our most inspiring so far. This super stylist went from working on the Fox mega hit "The OC" to ranking in at number 20 on the Hollywood Reporter's list of the top 25 celebrity stylist.

While running around the set of The OC, Nicole formed a friendship with Rachel Bilson. Taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way, it wasn't long before Nicole started styling the OC starlet. Take note girls. Everything in LA is an opportunity and Nicole's determination to climb to the top should be applauded.

These days, Nicole’s client list includes some of young Hollywood’s most fashionable ladies. Rachel Bilson, Brittany Snow, Kristen Bell, Ashlee Simpson and even Katherine Heigl. “I like the girls to look and feel like it’s something they did themselves. It looks approachable and real – not so over styled and over the top,” Nicole shared.

Some of her earlier credits include Production Assistant on The One as well as Costume Designer for Poseidon. Talk about an upgrade. Nicole firmly believes that you should invest your money smart in fashion. Save the extra zero's for timeless designer pieces, while hitting up popular fast fashion chains such as Forever 21 and H&M for the “in-the-moment looks.” I love this tip. It's extremely crucial not to blow your paychecks on pieces that will be out of style by June. Think smart when it comes to expanding your closest. Nicole’s styling advise is to, "bring your personality into your clothes and have it be an extension of who you are."

Recently, this ultra talented stylist has added Style Editor at reFINEstyle.com to her resume. reFINEstyle is a website that features fashion from consignment stores all over the country. “I know consignment shoppers are going to love this site as much as I do… it is one stop shopping – literally,” Nicole revealed to Just Jared. I don't know about you but this site sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the amazing pieces featured!

Most recently Nicole styled Scarlet Johansson for the 2011 Oscars in a controversial plum lace Dolce and Gabbana dress. I personally loved the gown, but some of the media outlets had a harsh opinion of the look. Nicole Chavez has done incredible work with her clients and her journey and determination is unmatched. I have been following Rachel Bilson’s fashion for years and I'm beyond obsessed. I really appreciate that Chavez styles these icons according to their personal style and doesn’t try to change them. Just another reason to keep an eye on this style guru. I hope I've pulled back the fashion curtain and opened your eyes to another extremely deserving style maven. Nicole's forever amazing, ridiculously talented, and supremely ambitious. Check out some of her credits and clients below. Are you loving Nicole Chavez?

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Something Extra: Check out this video of Nicole Chavez telling her inspirational story and showing off some of her favorite fashion pieces!