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The ultra talented Tanya Gill has worked with some of Hollywood's most respected actresses. As a stylist and a costume designer, it's easy to see why Hollywood's top A listers are flocking to her. Her impressive client list includes two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, Golden Globe princess Debra Messing, and the Academy's favorite starlet, Kate Winslet. In 2007, Tanya was the costume designer for the legendary Twiggy while she was a judge on the CW's America’s Next Top Model. That same year the style lover dressed Kate Winslet in a green Valentino gown which she rocked on the Oscar's red carpet.

Tanya shared what she looks for while pulling looks for Kate, “a lot of glamour, a lot of vintage, and anything that sparkles.” She most recently styled Hilary Swank for the 2011 Oscars in the stunning Gucci Premiere Couture gown. Both of these ladies landed on the best dressed list and the fash credit goes to the lady behind the curtain. Tanya’s eye for red carpet show stoppers is unmatched.The stylist was the costume designer for The Costume Designers Guild Awards. The event, which was hosted by client Debra Messing played out like a fashion showcase. Debra stepped onto the red carpet in four breathtaking looks each put together perfectly by Tanya, including a custom Swarosvski crystal brooch created by Tanya herself.

“It’s less important to follow the latest trends than it is to pick a design that flatters the person wearing it,” Tanya shared. I couldn’t agree more, not everyone can rock every trend. Tanya has made quite a styling career for herself and everyone's taking notice. When these three award winning ladies step onto a red carpet, mouths drop, camera's flash, and history is made. Below are some of Tanya’s clients and credits.

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  1. who is she!?! but anyway nice post


  2. cool work!

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  3. I didn't hear about Tanya Gill before. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is so informative!


  4. Wow she has a great list of clients!! Great post!

  5. Great post loved reading it!
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  6. Hillary Swank was one of the most glamorous looking women on the red carpet at the Oscars. The only thing I wanted was a softer look for her hair, but I am nitpicking. You can see my personal pictures of Hillary on the red carpet on my site too. Tanya was #17 on The Hollywood Reporter's list of top stylists. I am surprised she wasn't higher up.

  7. Beautiful looks.


  8. Not a loving the Debra dresses the Hilary and Kate always look classic.

  9. i didddnt knew her!
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  10. Hmm. Never heard of her, but I like her work. Thanks for introducing me to another great stylist.

  11. I LOVE Hilary!! She's definitely one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood...check out Tanya's work here if you don't already know who she is


  12. not impressed. Tanya Gill is not doing anything that we haven't seen a million times before. Hilary Swank's Gucci Oscar gown was unoriginal and was not even tailored properly. How many times do we need to see a celebrity walk the red carpet in a princess gown with their hair tied back in a chignon?!!! BORING! Show us something new. The reason that no one has ever heard of Tanya outside of Hollywood is because none of her clients are known for being fashion forward. Show us something different and maybe the public will take notice!

  13. Tanya is an absolute astounding designer and lady !!! I met her long time ago, she had a dreams and creativity -- she still has them. Now she also has some success and well deserved one <3