Winter Recap

As we rapidly approach spring, I think it's time to send some love to my favorite winter outfits. Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. Our closets are overflowing while the outfits get more layered and more fabulous. And the possibilities and combinations are endless. Winter fashion is all about the ultra-layered look which I am totally in love with! It was Coco Chanel herself who taught the world to always "take one thing off" before leaving the house, but when the temperatures drop I think we can throw those words of wisdom out the window and grab that extra scarf from our closet. Below are some of my favorite winter outfits.

The power of the blazer!

Oversized top and scarf paired with leggings! 

The leather look! 

Love the fringe bag and boots!

Amazing pop of color!

The staple white top paired with a large scarf!

Chanel glasses paired with anything is amazing! 

Amazing thigh-high boots!

Amazing fitted jacket paired with leggings and boots! 

Loving the skinny pant paired with the stilettos!

Major shoes!

I die for this jacket!

Love the trench coat!

Great staple oversized cardigan! 

A colorful blazer paired with a Hermes bag.