Christian Siriano for Payless Fall 2011

Introducing the Fall 2011 Christian Siriano line for Payless shoe stores, well... kind of. The over the top, hilarious, and fabulous Project Runway winner, unveiled his latest Christian Siriano for Payless Gold line at the designer’s Fall ’11 runway show at New York Fashion Week this month. Judging by the darker tones, hoofed-toe detailing and petal embellishments, it's easy to see that Mr. Project Runway himself was heavily inspired by nature. The designs are exhaustingly detailed and the heels are extremely refined and of course fierce.  "I was inspired by these dark, black, orchid plants," Christian said, about his Fall 2011 line.

After doing a little digging around on the internet to find out just how it was possible that shoes this uh-mazing could actually find themselves on the shelves of Payless, I was none too surprised to uncover the following details. These incredibly inspired heels are just the samples and/or inspiration for his line that will appear in Payless. The versions that will be available in stores will be much more vanilla and simplified designs.

Christian's shoe line at Payless in the past has retailed for around $50. But maybe Payless will realize women everywhere are willing to pay more than $50 dollars if the shoes are as fashionable and edgy as those displayed on the runway. Heres to hoping Payless will keep the heels high and the designs fierce. Below are more of the looks from his fall line! Congratulations Christian on going into your 8th season with Payless, and for also just signing another three year deal with them! We can't wait to see all of your amazing designs to come! Visit the Payless website to check out some of the designs they have available now!

Below is an example of how the 2010 Christian Siriano shoe changed. Left, are the shoes that debuted on the runway and right, is the final product which was sold in stores. 

Check out Christian Siriano's Fall 2011 Fashion Week Debut!

Something Extra: Christian Siriano (When asked if he liked Britney Spears) "Are you kidding me? I am seriously trying to launch a new reality show called Project Britney where I become Britney's stylist for a year and make her over. It's going to be so hot."