15 Must-Have Top Handle Handbags

Dress - Lotus Boutique (similar here & here), Handbag - Gigi New York, Bracelets - Kendra Scott, Necklace - TAudrey, Heels - ShoeDazzle (similar here), Sunglasses - Spektre Isabel2

Below are some of my favorite top handle handbags that are currently available!

Shop the post below:


  1. Such a beautiful dress
    It is perfect for summer

  2. I really like your dress, especially the colour; it compliments your skin well x


  3. Such a cute dress and I need those heels in my life!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I really love the last but one. Your dress is cute. :)


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  6. Hello Anna! I´ve been out of blogging for AGES!
    But trying to come back, I just wanted to search for your blog and see how are you doing :) It is so great to see that you are doing fine and that you are still here. I´m going to Instagram to follow you, it is just easier nowadays!


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