Rent The Runway Unlimited

You guys, I've finally found the perfect solution to the age old fashion dilemma: a better wardrobe on a limited budget! I recently started using the Rent The Runway monthly unlimited program and this little RED Valentino dress is one of the items I got in my first shipment. I'm obsessed!! Rent The Runway's been around for a while, but for some reason whenever the site comes to mind, I instantly think floor-length gowns for super glitzy events. Clearly, I've been very wrong. If you're not familiar with the unlimited program, Rent The Runway Unlimited gives you access to 3 designer pieces at a time (you can choose from their selection of thousands of items) for a mere $139 a month. You can swap items for new ones as often as you like. The average customer gets more than $1000 worth of items per shipment, and can swap them several times a month. If you love an item that you've rented on Unlimited and want to make it a permanent part of your wardrobe, you have the option to buy the item at a discounted price! They have tons of designer clothes and accessories to choose from. Find out all of the details about the program here!

Below are some of my favorite items that are currently available through the unlimited program! Happy shopping! xo

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