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I've never been one to shy away from re-wears. Channeling your inner stylist to create new looks with familiar pieces is a wardrobe survival must. With the exception of the occasional dress, I can't imagine loving a piece enough to buy it, only to ban it from my wardrobe after its first wear. I fully believe in buying pieces you know you can get mileage out of.  And personally, I find comfort in re-wears. When it comes to creating different looks, building a new silhouette or simply switching color pairings, can make all the difference. Check out some of my favorite re-wear moments here

Must Prepare

While I'm still a little shell-shocked that it's already November, planning out Black Friday is always a welcomed challenge. Check out the recently released Black Friday ads here!

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I’m super excited to dive into Drew Barrymore’s new book “Wildflower,” which is a collection of autobiographical essays that reflect on her crazy and amazing life. Drew has been one of my favorite actresses for years. From her bubbly personality to the infectious positive energy she brings to everything she does, it's hard not to love the former "Angel." You can pick up the book here

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I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. Def. must buy that Drew's book and the red snake dress!

  2. I really want to read her book too

  3. nice post!

  4. I love the quote! We should really take it into consideration every day!

  5. Those gold leaf place cards are adorable! I love it.

    xx Kathryn

  6. I'm a firm believer in rewearing items. My husband too since he thinks I spend enough of clothes! My blazer and ripped jeans probably get the most wear out of my closet!

  7. Fantastic post!!

  8. Love that poem! And that red blazer is so cute in your "re-wear" section! Really great links!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  9. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing!

  10. really look stunning. Lovely OOTDs that really looks so great on you.


    I have been waiting for your new post!

  12. Good job . Feeling impressive , thanks .