Ladies Who Laptop

In the past few years, a new archetype of what it means to be a modern businesswoman has emerged. In this digital age, where marketing ourselves is just a click away, more and more ladies are rising from the throes of dreamland and becoming mini moguls. To celebrate these impressive gals, I’ve launched a new interview series on called Ladies Who Laptop, where I sit down with empowering ladies who are making an impact in the digital realm. Ladies you’ll want to get to know and, most importantly, learn from. You can catch up on the series below and be sure to follow along on :)

Blair Eadie Interview

What is a typical day in the life of Blair Eadie? 

I’m up early to shoot or get ahead of emails or sometimes I’m running to an early breakfast or coffee with a brand or PR agency (sorry to those of you who probably curse my requests to meet at 8 or 8:15). Then I run into work, where each day looks different. We could be in a sketch review, finalizing color for the season, analyzing the business or writing the strategy for an upcoming season. Being in merchandising is dynamic and challenging, and at Tory, really rewarding and fun. I have an amazing group of coworkers who make every day inspiring, unique, and hilarious! From work I will leave and sometimes meet up with friends or a brand for a drink or dinner. But I usually always try to reserve a little bit of time to spend with Andrew. At night I will work through some emails and then typically edit pictures and set up my blog post for the next day.

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Emily Ley Interview
What is your favorite part about owning your own company?

I love the freedom to create from my heart. I’m not a desk-girl (believe it or not, as a graphic designer). I love working with my hands—making, creating, building. I often draw things out (on a giant piece of poster board with a Sharpie—my husband thinks it’s hysterical) while we’re working. I love being able to create products for women that help them get back to what matters – to the people and the things that really bring them to life.

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Lauren Scruggs Interview

Lets talk about love: After your accident, you were worried you might not ever find that special someone. Can you share with us how you met your husband, E! News co-host, Jason Kennedy?

I came to LA to do an accident-related interview with Giuliana Rancic, who I had the joy of getting to know that year. She suggested I come to set to meet Jason. G was the matchmaker, and we owe her major!

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Clare Vivier Interview

You’ve said in the past that launching your blog was your best marketing tool. Can you elaborate on this? 

Since I didn’t have the resources or money at the time to access the marketing tools that many brands use, I had to be strategic. Personal style blogs were just starting to become popular and I hoped that I could find an audience of women who would be interested in my life as a young mom, married to a French man, traveling a lot, living in LA. If they were interested in my life, I hoped then that they’d be interested in the line through these style posts. It turned out to work out quite well in both establishing the brand and introducing me as the designer to our followers.

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Jillian Harris Interview

Lets talk digital persona: What advice do you have for ladies about keeping things “real.”

HAVE FUN. BE GOOFY. Don’t let the world smack you down and turn you into a robot. I feel that the world has gotten SOOOOOO sensitive and offended over so much, that when you really put yourself out there sometimes you get people freaking out on you. For me, I created a filter so that my ‘fans’ only saw the ‘perfect’ Jill, but I honestly think they would like the whole Jill better. The Jill that thinks farting jokes are funny, who drops the ‘f’ bomb once in a while, who actually initiates the shots… who ISN’T perfect. I think the world is craving individuals who are real, imperfect and just themselves. The problem with that comes criticism and that is hard to take. As cliché as it sounds, be YOU be REAL, be offside (if that’s who you are) and own it. Be kind, laugh often and learn often.

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Hannah Skvarla Interview

What inspired you and Lauren to partner up and start The Little Market?

Lauren and I became travel buddies when we went to Bali and then El Salvador. We loved exploring the local markets, and we had the opportunity to visit non-profit organizations in Tanzania and Uganda that were working with female artisans and entrepreneurs who were struggling to make ends meet. It was in the midst of these travels that The Little Market was dreamed up. We met these amazing, vibrant hard-working women who were creating beautiful products—products we knew our friends at home would love and purchase if they were able to do so. We thought we may be able to help create a larger marketplace so that these artisans could continue to create their beautiful products while also making a living wage. Our hope that that we would provide customers with the opportunity to purchase special pieces from around the world (each with its own story) and directly support the artisans who made them.

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Jen Gotch Interview

For all of the dreamers out there, the fresh out of college future entrepreneurs, what advice would you give them? Or, better yet, what advice would you give 20-year-old Jen?

Don’t waste your time worrying about that guy! Stop complaining! Your butt is never going to look any better than it does right now! Also, everything you think you know, you don’t. Everything you think is important, it’s not. You’re just getting started. So go, do…get out there. Fear is just an idea, it’s not real, unless of course we are talking about being chased by a giant grizzly bear or something, in which case that is very real and, um, RUNNNNNNNN!

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