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Notebook and Phone case: Minnie & Emma | Scarf: ModCloth | Personalized Cup and sunglasses: Pineapple Proper

I've quickly fallen in love with pretty much everything Minnie & Emma sells. This phone case, my sixth from them, and personalized notebook are from their too-cute-for-words summer collection. I seriously can not say enough amazing things about this company. You may remember me sharing their mugs here

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This Buzzfeed article about the crazy things kids misunderstand is a laugh-out-loud riot.  My husband was reading them to me last night as I was trying to fall asleep and we just couldn't stop laughing. My favorites are number 7: “When my kid asked where babies come from I told her that two people fall in love and then do adult things together. She said, ‘Oh! Like bungee jumping!’” and 28: “I thought “in-laws” were family members who’d been in prison. When my mom referred to her sister-in-law, I always wondered what my aunt went to prison for.” Haha. I'm not afraid to admit that there are several things on this list I was also guilty of misunderstanding as a kid. I am, however, afraid to admit which ones they are. :) Read the hilarity here

Must Watch

A friend recently sent me the extended trailer for Nicole Richie's second season of Candidly Nicole with the caption, "I feel like Nicole totally encapsulates every part of your personality in this trailer." I may have a problem when it comes to singing my feelings as opposed to talking, but I can promise you it does not sound as flawless as Nicole. :/ The new season of Candidly Nicole started last week, so if you're not watching, I highly recommend you catch up. Wednesdays on VH1. Prepare to laugh!

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I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!