My Interview with The Crest

I'm super excited to share a piece of my interview for Vince Camuto's The Crest. A huge thank you to everyone involved and for making me sound much cooler than I really am. Here's a snippet of the super sweet article:

Given Anna James’ impressive resume, you’d never guess that blogging wasn’t her original career path. Blogging was more like a do-or-die, shape up or ship out, last-ditch effort to stay in the fashion game. After scoring a coveted BCBG internship, Anna left behind her conventional hometown and moved to the sunny and liberating West Coast. Upon graduation from Auburn University, Anna began working as a multi-brand, visual merchandiser for 23 high-end department stores. Anna’s career—the result of tenacious and focused hard work—was deservedly blossoming. She was living her dream.

But, like the economy, Anna’s bubble burst. The company unexpectedly laid off Anna’s entire department—and just days before Christmas to boot. While most would be discouraged and regretfully pack up their bags with a shrug, Anna picked herself up by her bootstraps—or, in her case, more likely high-heeled Mary Jane straps—and became her own boss. The resilient Anna launched her personal and celebrity style blog FashBoulevard, never to be vulnerable to unemployment again.

Any aspiring or newbie blogger can learn a great lesson from Anna’s experience: hard work, a genuine perspective and confidence in yourself will yield results. And FashBoulevard is a direct testament. We asked Anna to share how she spices up those blah style days and the key style tip she picked up from her boss, fashion mogul Lauren Conrad.

To read more, be sure to check out my full interview here. :) 

PS: I recently updated my About Me. Be sure to check it out here