Exploring Florence

Perched high atop a huge mass of tufa rock in Umbria, Itlay, sits the endlessly charming city of Orvieto. Justin and I were immediately smitten with the small town. I'm already trying to convince him to rent a cave next summer for us to stay in.  Sure, it may be a little claustrophobic, but, hello, talk about adventurous. :) After exploring the historic caves, we enjoyed the most amazing salads and wine tasting at Enoteca Al Duomo, while sitting outside soaking up the gorgeous view of the Orvieto Cathedral. 

A trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without a day in Pisa! 

We had way too much fun making personalized pizza's at Finisterrae. I was definitely not born with innate pizza tossing skills, but the final product was amazing. 

During an evening stroll, we stumbled upon a tiny restaurant called Il Profeta. The owner, the adorable man pictured below, let us sample the "John Travolta special," a secret pasta recipe, famous for being so delicious John Travolta licked his plate clean. After tasting it, I had to resist the urge of following in Mr. Travolta's steps. :)

While in Florence we also toured the Uffizi Museum and the Accademia Gallery, where we had the privilege of seeing the famous Statue of David, which sent chills down my spine the second I spotted it. But one of my favorite memories was our late night stroll over the Ponte Vecchio, while eating gelato (obviously), and soaking up the Florence nightlife.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see my photo diary from our trip to Venice. xo