Foot Fash - Kim Kardashian Edition

Kim may not have the best taste in men, but the queen of Christian Louboutins certainly has a shoe collection that could rival Elizabeth Taylor's empire built of jewels and with a very public divorce in progress I think it's fair to assume Kim's ditched the typical Ben & Jerry therapy for some serious shoe shopping. From fringe to knee highs, to neon's and beyond, no shoe is off limits for this stiletto lover. Kim is the perfect example of how to rock a pump for all occasions, whether it's casual denim or a posh black dress, you can always find a gush worthy pair of heels to suit any ensemble. Below are some of my favorite pictures of Kim leaving her ultra fabulous footprints all over Hollywood. If you could raid Kim's collection Bling Ring style which pair would you snag first?

Check out these fabulously gush worthy heels. I think Kim should add each and everyone to her collection. Wanna add them to yours? Click the picture to shop the look. 

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